Let us take you through a historical tour of our beautiful building and landmark events...

Farmer's National Bank had a beginning just like in the old western movies. Stagecoaches brought the first shipments of gold and silver bullion through frontierlands to the original bank offices which were located on the second floor of the wooden two story building that housed Hubbard's Hardware store, right across the street from where you now sit. At the turn of the century a grand Greek Revival building was constructed with much attention and fanfare and the Farmer's National Bank took its new home right here at 4641 Main Avenue. Enjoy your dining experience while you imagine what it must have been like living in those early Ashtabula days of horse and buggy!

From its humble beginning back in 1847 the Farmer's Bank was an integral part of the growth of Ashtabula County. In 1954 the Marine Savings Bank and Farmer's National Bank consolidated. In 1955 it merged with the Orwell Banking Company. In 1961 "Farmer's" merged with the Citizens Banking and Savings of Conneaut. In 1970 the Farmer's National Bank joined Society Corporation. 

Let your gaze wander to the arched ceiling directly above you and view the breathtaking handmade work of stained glass. The first stained glass was designed and wrought in the 11th century and was probably held together by wooden slats rather than metal strips. Whatever the method of construction, stained glass windows impart an atmosphere of mystery and grandeur. Some say that if you look closely enough you will see the figures through which the artist told his story! The vaults no longer hold safe deposit boxes but they are in use on a daily basis. The vault in the rear of the main dining room is used as a private dining area. An occasional marriage proposal has been known to take place there! Walk in and take a look at the drilled wall set in a frame. See the inside of a vault wall! See for yourself how a century old bank vault wall was constructed - practically impenetrable. The basement vault now serves as our office. Both vaults were poured from 61 cubic yards of concrete, boasting walls, ceilings and floors all 18" thick and are reinforced with steel bars. The vault doors are more than one foot thick, three feet wide, seven feet high and weigh more that 14,000 pounds! The smaller vault that housed the night deposits can be viewed on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

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Pasta Families

All pastas are served with a bowl of salad and a basket of freshly baked garlic bread.

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From the Grill

Our Steaks and Chicken are char-grilled or blackened to order, served with a bowl of salad, choice of side dish, and freshly baked garlic bread.

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Seafood dishes are served with choice of side dish, bowl of salad, and a basket of freshly baked garlic bread. *Broiled or Blackened

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Mexican Specialties

Mexican Specialties are served with our own corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa or a bowl of salad and a basket of freshly baked garlic bread.

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